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How many posts are too much?

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I always find it amusing when I tell a new client that we are going to post twice a day to their facebook page and they react with horror.  A quick question usually gets the explanation that the client is worried that we will flood people’s facebook feeds and they will unsubscribe and hate the company.


The question that should really be asked is what is the number of posts, – or emails, or faxes for that matter – that give the best result for you and your client.


I heard a story a few years ago about a company that tested the number of emails that they sent to their database.  In the beginning they were sending one per week and tried sending two.  When they doubled the number of emails they also doubled the sales of the business, so they tried adding another email and kept doubling the sales each time they added another email until they were sending seven emails a week or one per day.  They found that this was the optimum result and created the most sales for them.


That’s not to say that seven is right for all businesses – in fact I can tell you it is not – we’ve got client’s who send one email per month and others that send three or four per week.  The best thing to do is test and see what works for your business and your clients.


The same applies to facebook and other Social Media posts.  We’ve found for most clients two per day is best and gets the best results.  Of course this again depends on the client and the strategy that they have.


We’ve got one client for example who sends out five messages per day to the same people on facebook and that brings him the best results.  I can only tell you that it is probably much more than you expect it to be.


The best advice I can give you is ignore your personal opinion and what you would want if you were your customer, for a start you are not your customer, so why would they think exactly like you.  Test things out and only go with statistics.  One of the best things about Social Media and all forms of Internet Marketing is how quickly you can get the statistics.  The results appear online immediately so you can adjust the plan and the posts as you go and very quickly.


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Greg Paul

Creative Director

Digital Tiger

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