Digital Tiger | Can you use Linked In on its own?
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Can you use Linked In on its own?

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Linked In for business

In this article I want to talk to you about a question I get asked a lot, which is, “Can you use LinkedIn on its own?” Well, the answer is yes. But at the same time, you are limiting what you’re able to achieve. It’s an interesting thing that four million Australians are on LinkedIn. So there’s a massive opportunity for businesses to communicate with other business people and other businesses and get business to business services.

The interesting thing though is fourteen million Australians are looking at Facebook, which includes those business people. So, if you’re using LinkedIn and Facebook, and you’ve got a good website, and you’ve got a landing page, and you’ve got a YouTube channel -a billion people are using YouTube every month -then you’re hitting people from every direction.  Then that business person who sees you on LinkedIn or gets the comment from you on LinkedIn is more likely to think:

“Well this is a real business, because they’ve got a good presentation over here on LinkedIn, and they’re well presented on Facebook, and they’ve got a good website, and they’ve got a good offer on their landing page, and I like what they’re saying on YouTube. They’ve got good videos, very informative, and that sort of thing.”

So, my advice to most people is, LinkedIn is a good place to start. If you’ve got a limited budget, you can get in and you can work with just LinkedIn, if you only have the budget to work with LinkedIn. But the more you can spread out, the more ways you can hit someone, the better off you’re going to be because the more you’re reinforcing your message and the more you’re making yourself look legitimate.

So I hope this helps, and if you’ve got any more questions, I’d love to hear from you. Just shoot an email to and I look forward to helping you out.

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