Digital Tiger | Christmas Sales in October?
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Christmas Sales in October?

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No the title wasn’t a mistake! I’d like to confirm that yes, I really do start to plan the January sales in October. Any marketer knows you don’t plan an event as it happens as that’s usually several weeks too late.


I’ve spoken to several Business Owners over the years about Christmas and the usual response is excitement about the holidays accompanied with a quiet resignation about the slow sales throughout January as, particularly in Melbourne, it’s expected that the Christmas Break extends to early February and no one expects to do much business then. Many of the business owners I’ve had the pleasure of talking with have this perspective and most of their peers feel the same way and would love to do business right up to the start of the holidays and jump straight back in without the slow start when they return, refreshed and ready to go.


So what happened? Why did all these businesses stop doing business when so many of them want to? The answer is almost too simple and is often overlooked.


They stopped communicating.


Let’s rewind a bit and have a look at what actually caused this slump in the January sales.


Do you remember that moment in early December you decided not to bother sending out any more advertising and promotion as the response rate was starting to slow? It’s a common error.


An abundance of sales isn’t created over night; it’s planned for way in advance. Don’t let your potential clients sleep on their way to the festive season, wake them up with some festive advertising that gives them an incentive to buy ‘before’ Christmas for a discount for something that can be delivered in January, promote a scarcity of places left in January or just remind them that yes you are still there and open for business and you hope they enjoy the holidays.


Anything! Just don’t stop communicating.


That’s the deadly mistake that kills your January sales.


Everything you send out from your business says ‘We are open and ready to do business with you’.


People don’t always buy on the first contact they have with you. How many times have we heard how many ‘impressions’ it takes to get a sale or; How many times does someone see your advert before they even notice you?


Of course if you want a BIG Christmas holiday to visit the rellies overseas, that’s a whole different ball game. You want to be out of there and packing in early December, lead times on sales estimated to be a couple of weeks, then a couple of weeks before that for the promotion to bite so…


Have a Merry October!


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Best Wishes

Amanda Betley

Managing Director

Digital Tiger

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