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The Whole Point of Marketing

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The main function of marketing is people buying your products or services. Let’s not beat around the bush. You want to make money.


The way to make a living used to be catching your chickens, putting them in the cart and trudging down to the marketplace to exchange them for some cheese or a goat. It didn’t matter that the cart was dirty or the road long, the only way to survive was to get that chicken into the hands of the buyer. The marketplace was only open on Wednesdays and it was an hour away as long as you kept Dobbin the Donkey going at a good healthy trot.


Thankfully we’ve moved on. However, the key principles of marketing are just as valid today as they were then. For starters, all the potential buyers knew when the market was scheduled, where it was, and had a good idea of what you could buy there. The smarter vendors knew of course that a clean cart meant more sales.


Not so different today. If you want to find a new client you had better tell them what where & when they can buy & where they should.


It’s so frustrating to turn up at a shop, with cash in your pocket to find out that shop closed 1/2 an hour ago. They always close on Wednesday afternoons but just didn’t think to tell anyone. Except of course, the people that actually turned up on Wednesday afternoon and read all the messages in your window to try and figure out why the shop wasn’t open. How many Wednesday afternoon sales were lost that could have been re-directed to an online sale with one additional line added to your website?


With our 24/7 culture, don’t underestimate the importance of continuing with those age old strategies that worked. Online marketing is a way to get sales by using it to tell people how and when they can contact you. The customer may or may not not send you an order online or like your page, but how many of us have visited a shop because it was ‘familiar’ to us or accepted the call and allowed a salesman to book an appointment because their brand or company was known already?


We travel much further and can order produce from around the planet these days so Social Media Marketing is vital to help more potential clients find you. Of course, if you insist on closing on Wednesday afternoons, don’t clean the cart and forget the carrots for the donkey.You’ll probably go broke no matter how many prospects we drive to your door.


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Best Wishes


Amanda Betley

Managing Director

Digital Tiger

(c) Digital Tiger 2015

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