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How To Train Anyone to Sell.

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With the headline that I put on this article there will be two types of people reading on.  Some will wonder how it could be possible to train anyone to sell and the others will be reading to prove that it’s a hoax.  Well I want to let you in on a secret there is no personality that people are born with that makes them a born salesman, and yes anyone can learn to be a salesman and be successful at it but there is some exact principles that you need to learn.

  1. Learn how to communicate.

Yes this can be learnt and yes it is a skill that can be taught.  I agree that someone who is an extrovert naturally will find this easier to achieve but you don’t have to be the most extroverted person in the room to be able to communicate. I remember a salesman once who was new in sales and went to see a client. The end result of the meeting was a sale and three referrals. A week later, his boss was sent an email from the person, who referred the client to the business, saying that the client had complained that the salesman had no personality and would never succeed in sales. Of course this was quite amusing to the boss, who knew that the way to measure a salesman is on sales made and this new salesman was already the best performer in the company after only a couple of months and had closed this client and gotten referrals with a “wet personality”. This simply highlights that you don’t need to be the life of the party to be skilled at communicating. We work with a course that contains 22 drills and can teach anyone to communicate effectively by the end.

  1. Learn the product.

Of course the next step is to know the product that you are trying to sell.  The salesman doesn’t need to know everything about your product but he does need to know enough to handle a prospect’s questions, or at least know who to talk to get the answer to the questions that he needs to know to close the sale. At this point it should be said that you don’t want your salesman getting so technically complicated that they confuse the client and don’t sell, but at the same time you don’t want them promising something you can’t deliver or failing to promise something that you can, and as a result bringing in clients you can’t deliver to or failing to bring in clients you can and should.

  1. Learn the skills of sales.

Great salesmen know that there is a simple cycle that they follow when it comes to sales. If you know the cycle and follow each time you try and sell a product you will get the best result. The same as any role that you might have, there is a way that it is done best and one that when you follow it you will get the best results time after time. This cycle can be learned and the different parts of it practiced until you can do it easily and effectively.

So if you have an idea that people can’t be taught to be salesmen you should know that they can be, and have been done around the world millions of times in the past.

Put simply; hire a productive person who you know can produce results and train them in the three areas mentioned above, measure their results and reward them for performing.

I hope this helps and I hope you have an awesome 2016.


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Best Wishes


Greg Paul

Managing Director

Digital Tiger

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