Digital Tiger | 4 tips to build your Linked In profile.
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4 tips to build your Linked In profile.

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Today I want to talk to you about my four biggest tips for getting started in building your LinkedIn profile.

Number One;

Remember that LinkedIn is a social network.  So you’re connecting with people one to one, you personally, and you’re doing it maybe with people you’ve never met before.  So all the communication you write should be directed at that person, you know?

For example, if I were to write in the third person, you know, about me, “Greg was very successful.  He worked at Myer, he created some fantastic designs, he planned the layout of two Myer stores, and he worked on the logistics.”

It’s nowhere near as appealing as if I say to you,

“I worked at Myer.  I created some fantastic results and proved myself in retail and I can help you.  I planned the layout of two Myer stores and I also reduced the cost of moving stock into the store by two-thirds while improving our OH&S and I can receive similar results for you and help you grow and build your business.”

So you can see the difference.  It’s much more about communicating directly with the person, and that’s what you want to do.

Number Two;

Don’t overdo it on keywords.

The reality is, on your LinkedIn profile, if you use keywords and the things that you want Google to notice, or even the things you want the LinkedIn search engine to notice, they will.  It’ll boost your ranking on both, right?  But don’t overdo it.  I see too many people and they’ll go in Layer the whole thing with key words and the result isn’t a simple communication with the person looking at your profile. They get confused because it doesn’t really communicate what that person’s all about.

Number Three;

You have to capture someone’s attention very quickly, so make it really, really easy for them to see who you are, what you do, and what you’re about.

For example, at the very top you’ll see underneath your name, there’s a description or title of who you are and what you do.  LinkedIn automatically puts in your current job title, and for most people that doesn’t describe who you are or what you do.  For example, we’ve got a client and his current title is Managing Director of a holding company.  He and two other people are the only people in the word who even know it exists or what it means.

But in LinkedIn, he would have Managing Director of this company name.  Now, the only people who are going to want to talk to the Managing Director are potential suppliers, not the people you want to talk to as your customers.  So we changed that in the top.  His title and his current business stayed the same, but in the top we changed it to Senior Property Investment Advisor.  Now when someone sees it they know he can talk to you about property investment, and that’s who he wants to talk to.  So look at who you’re communicating with, communicate with them directly, and make it simple for them to understand who you are and what you do and the benefits that you’ll bring them.

Number Four;

The final tip I have for you is use lots of video and use lots of photos.  If you’re going to just have text and have it look the same as everyone else’s, it’s not going to have as good a result as if you put images in, you put examples of your work, links to websites.  Video works really, really well underneath the summary, underneath the jobs.  Really make yours look different to everyone else’s and it’s really easy to do.

So if you need any more help, contact us at Digital Tiger, but I hope these four tips help get you started.

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Best Wishes


Greg Paul

Managing Director

Digital Tiger

(c) 2016 Digital Tiger

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