Digital Tiger | The problem with business ideas.
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The problem with business ideas.

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As Business Managers and Owners we’ve all had them, that great idea that we know is going to change the world. The one we knew if we implemented our business would just become a National or International success, but what stops it from happening?

There are a five barriers that stop your great idea from being the success you imagine:

  1. You need to do it.

Yes, yes I know, you’re busy, you’ve got a lot to do and everything is on your shoulders, but let’s face it if you never do something it’s not going to work.

  1. You need the right resources.

Whether it’s money, skills or enough time you need to have the resources in place for your great idea to work. It may even mean that you need to hire someone, who has the skills to do it for you.

  1. Someone needs to own it.

Ideas and new projects can be a real problem if no one looks after them. They need a champion who can care about the project and make sure that it gets done and implemented properly.

  1. They need to be sold.

You need to get the support of the team and the rest of the stakeholders that are involved in the project so that you have the money, the enthusiasm and the backing you need to get the project winning and implemented.

  1. They can take attention away from other projects that work.

This a key one and one that is often forgotten by entrepreneurs. Your success is created by activities that you have done in the last that worked and built your clients, your team and your success. Be careful not to throw out what worked in the past or move people from money making projects until you know that the new ideas work and are better than the old ideas. Often the best way is to prove the new ideas work as a separate function to the main activities of the business and when they do resource the new project or idea without reducing the old ideas.


I hope that this helps.

Keep Roaring



Greg Paul

Managing Director

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