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When it comes to getting the most out of Social Media and Internet Marketing in Australia, you should look for experts on Australian conditions and what works in Australia.
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About Us

Step 1: Stratagy

Whenever we start working with a client on any project we sit down with that client and work out what they are trying to achieve so we can work out a plan for them that will achieve the result or product that they need for their organisation. If you want sales, everything we need to do is designed to create sales, if you want people to get educated about your brand or service then that is what we focus on but we always start by knowing what you are trying to achieve.

Step 2: Creating Social Media and Internet Marketing

After we have created a plan to get the result you need, our production team go to work using their design and communication skills to build the different things that will send your message, to the people you want to hear it. From logo design, to websites, to building a facebook page or creating videos this is where your brand and its message starts to take shape.

Step 3: Managing Social Media and Internet Marketing

After we have everything in place we then work on managing things to get you the results you need. From managing your social media, to your ads on Google to the appointments you get at the end we can work with you to run the information that you send out so that you get real results for your business.

Step 4: Measuring the Results

Measuring the results is key to getting something that you can use and adapt to grow your business. We use measurement tools that set the standard for online marketing. It doesn’t matter what tools we put in place for you we can measure them and adapt from the results to make things work even better for you and your business.

Why Choose Us

Based in Melbourne Australia, Digital Tiger are a team of experts in Social Media and Internet Marketing. From designers, to web developers, to marketers we have created a team that can work with you to get results on the Internet by stripping away the hype, the confusion and the nonsense to achieve real results for your business in a way that is simple for you. We do the work, letting you get on with doing what you do best, running your business.

Social Media
Video Production
Graphic Design

Our Team


Greg Paul

General Manager

With over twenty years experience managing businesses around the world including planning the layout of two Myer stores in Melbourne; Managing in the biggest GAP store in the world in Oxford Street London and running the Sales and Marketing of a consulting business that grew from three staff to four offices in Australia and three other countries in eighteen months Greg’s business understanding provided him a great grounding when he jumped into the field of Social Media.

Greg was like most business managers when facebook swept the world – more interested in focusing on work and doing his best to ignore what seemed like a fad – when someone convinced him he should promote a seminar to people he knew through facebook.  Three people turned up, one brought at the seminar and he was convinced of the potential Social Media provided.  Over nine years later Greg has spent thousands of hours testing, evaluating and reviewing all of the changes that have happened from the growth of facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Google+ and more and found exactly what works and what doesn’t for small businesses in Australia.


Nikki Chen

Studio Manager

When it comes to creating something special that represents your business Nikki is the creative mind behind Digital Tiger. From a logo to a new website and everything in between Nikki applies what she learnt in one of the leading design schools in London to your business. As the leader of our creative team Nikki has the skill to bring your business to life, whilst coordinating the actions that the rest of the team take in helping your ROAR on the Internet.


Orla Gartlan

Social Media Consultant

Orla brings a unique mix to the Digital Tiger team.

She started working at the age of 14 so whilst she has grown up with the Internet and Social Media she also understands how to promote a business and sell its products.

She has promoted and sold products from bikes to imported fabrics and a lot more before she even joined the Digital Tiger team, so she can help you promote your business on Social Media and help you grow your sales.


Roy Shen

Videographer/ Photographer

Roy has been working with Internet Marketing since before Google made its name.

Despite his boyish good looks, he has a wealth of experience in Sales, Marketing and Public Relations from working in the early days of Search Engine Optimisation through hospitality and PR, he has the ability to get the video or photo that will make you and your business stand out from the crowd whilst knowing the best way to use it on the Internet to promote you and your business.

Helen Paul

Helen Paul

Special Projects

Helen brings a hugely diverse background to Digital Tiger. From managing staff in a major hotel, to training prison inmates on a program to lead a better life upon leaving prison, to running a major event with 4,000 staff, she is the one that we turn to when our client needs something that doesn’t quite fit the normal. The Internet is a challenging world, with many fast paced changes so it’s important to have someone that we can turn to and know will make sure our clients come out on top no matter the challenges we face along the way. Helen is a key part of our focus on creating real results that are made simple. She faces the challenges so you don’t need to.