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When it comes to building a website for your business we focus on building something that represents who you and your business – one that your customers can look at and know what your business represents -, whilst maintaining a focus on getting you the results that you want from the site.

There’s no point having a pretty site that doesn’t get you leads or sales – if that’s your focus – and there’s no point having a site with all the buttons in the right place that your customers look at and instantly click away or get a poor impression of your business.

Our Four Step Process

Step 1: Planning Your Site

Whenever we start working with a client on their website we sit down with that client and work out what they are trying to achieve so we can work out a plan for them that will achieve the result or product that they need for their organisation. If you want sales, everything we need to do is designed to create sales, if you want people to get educated about your brand or service then that is what we focus on but we always start by knowing what you are trying to achieve. We then ask questions to understand what your business represents and what you need and want from your website.

Step 2: Designing Your Site

Once we have worked out a plan for your site our designers get to work and create a design for how it will look. We know you don’t want to wait for your website to receive it and find out that it looks nothing like you had in mind. That is why we show you the designs and talk to you before we go to the nest stage of building your site.

Step 3: Building Your Site.

Once we understand and agree on the plan with you as well as the designs we get down to building your site. Of course there should be no surprises here for you or us because you already have a very good idea of what the end result will look like before we even start the development stage.

Step 4: Measuring the Results

When the site is built and you’re happy with the result we don’t sit back and wipe our hands. That’s not the way we would achieve real results for you made simple. Now is the part were we work with you and measure the results you are getting from your site and give you the support you need to make it work and build your business.

Some Examples of our Work