Digital Tiger | Yarra Valley Farms
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Yarra Valley Farms

About This Project

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Yarra Valley Farms deliver fruit and veg to the hospitality industry in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Northern rivers area of NSW/ Gold Coast. They came to us wanted to launch onto Social Media so they could increase their clients as well as the franchisees that deliver their products to the chefs that buy their products on a daily basis.


About to launch an exciting new venture that will revolutionize the way we look after our farms and our soil they wanted to educate Australians about what they are doing.


As part of the work we have done for Yarra Valley Farms we have created Social Media sites that communicate to their potential client base of chefs and other commercial Fruit and Veg consumers across the eastern States of Australia, we have streamlined the process involved in sending out their regular newsletters to their client base and franchise network and we have rebuilt their website to make it simpler to use whilst including all of the information they need to get across to their network of clients, franchisees and suppliers.