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Youth For Human Rights

About This Project

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Youth for Human Rights is an organisation whose focus is on educating the people of the world on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document created by Eleanor Roosevelt after World War 2 and signed by most of the governments represented in the United Nations has since been mostly ignored. No country has made it part of law and when Youth for Human Rights was launched public knowledge of their human rights was at an all time low.

Nigel Mannock who was the head of Youth for Human Rights in the Asia Pacific region called us needing some help educating the people of East Timor and Indonesia about their Human Rights. East Timor – a former Portugese colony – and Indonesia – it’s larger neighbour and former Dutch colony – have had a rough history full of human rights abuses.

Nigel told us that East Timor had just got the Internet and he wanted to use it to get the educational materials known and used in the area to help ease the ongoing tensions. Nigel has visited East Timor and Indonesia many times and worked at very high levels in both countries improving the condition of the area. When I went over the options with Nigel he told me that facebook was the only thing that most East Timorese knew how to use and I needed to use that to get the message out.

The end result was facebook pages in East Timorese and also Indonesian that show videos that have been created by Youth for Human Rights in the native languages and ads created to send the videos across facebook. We were able to get 10’s of thousands to see the videos for a very low cost and a number of Youth for Human Rights organisations have started in the area helping disseminate the message of Human Rights as a direct result of the campaign.

One of the most exciting things about this is that tribal chiefs from both sides of the argument got behind the program.

We have since rolled this program out in Australia with many more countries to come.

"We worked with Digital Tiger to create a system that brought information about Human Rights to tens of thousands throughout South East Asia. What was most impressive is that they helped us create a simple, but cost effective solution that worked on a massive scale."

Nigel Mannock - Youth for Human Rights Asia Pacific